Monday, October 13, 2014

Why Blog?

One thing I have always done, since I have had my own laptop at least, is follow blogs. Home design blogs, fashion blogs, travel blogs, “lifestyle blogs,” inspirational blogs, the blogs linked in the comments of the original blog. They have the best advice and the worst advice, and the most awful and wonderful stories. 

Blogs are like checking the contents of somebody’s medicine cabinet, but then they show up and give you a tour. You have the sneak peek into their life, but they let you know that “yes, the aspirin expires this Thursday” and “no, I hate that organizer, but I bought it at Target if you want one anyway.”

For some reason there’s this idea in my head that in order to comment on blogs, I should have a blog, A two sentence comment doesn't explain how my latest young adult crisis informs my vote on The Bloggess's latest poll or why Katie Bower put up that post right when I needed it. Two sentence comments seem incomplete.

And so, to justify my blog addiction despite that inexplicable comment anxiety, here is my blog. Welcome.